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At Medibrane we are committed to supporting our customers in fulfilling their vision.

We view our customers as full partners and consider their success as our own,
that is why we work according to strict regulations, tight deadlines, and budgetary constraints.
We always walk the extra mile for our customers thereby supplying them with the best service possible.
We invest considerable resources in research, design process, and scale-up to manufacturing. We guide our customers through the development process offering our different materials and techniques, and lead them to manufacturing by minimizing time to market while ensuring high-quality products.


We Offer a Vast Variety of Covering Solution

Many medical stents need covering; some for sealing purposes, redirecting blood flow, enabling tissue regrowth, preventing migration, preventing trauma to tissue, etc.
Only a limited amount of service providers specializes in matching the right polymer for covering each unique clinical application.
We assist our customers in selecting the polymer that is most suitable for their medical application, after considering the application’s target site, unique geometry, mechanical,functional, and clinical requirements.
We use polymers that have long been used in the medical industry and are clinically proven in
short- and long-term applications, such as; medical grade
Silicone, Dacron, ePTFE, and a variety of thermoplastic
Polyurethanes.Our team of experienced engineers specialize in choosing the right
technology for covering different medical device applications.
The technology and the material together influence the thickness,
radial strength, and crimping profile, as well as porous or non-porous
nature of the cover. Our engineers have vast experience with dipping, spraying,
lamination technologies and can assist in choosing the best technology
according to the product specification.

From Prototyping to Manufacturing

Medibrane’s engineers will guide you through the prototype design. Prototype production is performed in a controlled environment at our R&D lab, and under ISO 13485. Our engineering team is highly responsive throughout design iterations and will facilitate the R&D process from prototyping through design freeze. They provide practical knowledge about biocompatible materials, stent covering technologies, and process design considerations to overcome development challenges.

Medibrane’s Engineers guide from Prototyping to scale up manufacturing and can offer time-saving manufacturing techniques and quality tests required to ensure fast, cost-effective manufacturing of high-quality products. Our manufacturing is done in a clean room and supervised by a quality assurance manager, ensuring all products are manufactured under strict conditions and standards that conform to ISO 13485.

Cutting Down the Supply Chain

Resonetics and Medibrane’s mutual collaboration enables the development of both stent and polymeric cover under the same roof. Designing the stent-based medical device taking together cover considerations enables our engineers to customize the specification and match the product requirements more efficiently.


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