From Ideas to Prototypes

We Help You Select the Right Polymer Cover

Many medical applications require covering, some for sealing purposes, redirecting blood flow, enabling tissue regrowth, preventing migration, preventing trauma to tissue, etc. However, only a limited amount of service providers specialize in matching the right polymer for covering each clinical application. Our polymer research and knowledge center is constantly searching for the latest advancements in the field. Utilizing our vast knowledge and experience we have compiled a portfolio of specified biocompatible polymers commonly used in the medical device industry. We assist our customers in selecting the polymer that is most suitable for each unique medical application, after considering the application’s target site, unique geometry, mechanical, functional, and clinical requirements. We use polymers that are well-known in the medical industry and were long-term investigated clinically, such as; medical grade Silicone, Dacron, ePTFE, and a variety of thermoplastic Polyurethanes.


Stent Covering Technology – Why is it So Important?

Choosing the polymer is only the first step on the road to cover a stent. Matching the best covering technology to the unique specification of the stent is the second. Why is the covering technology so important? The polymer chosen influences the cover parameters partially, whereas the covering technology also plays a role in determining the result. The technology influences the thickness, radial strength and crimping profile, as well as porous or non-porous nature of the cover. For example, Polyurethane can generate a non-porous cover when is dip-coated, and, it can generate a porous one when a polyurethane membrane is laminated onto the stent and then perforated using a laser machine.

Our engineers have vast experience with dipping, spraying and lamination technologies and can assist you in choosing the best technology according to the product’s cover specification.


From Ideas to Prototypes

The base for every medical innovation is an idea waiting to become a product. Our team of experienced engineers will assist you in choosing the right polymer and technology for covering your medical device. Our engineering team is highly responsive throughout design iterations and will facilitate your R&D process from prototyping through design freeze.


A Vast Variety of Materials and Technologies

We understand the need for high responsiveness during the prototyping stage. For that, we provide our cumulative experience and knowledge in a variety of technologies and materials, along with our advanced equipment for each of these design procedures, to offer our customers with a variety of covering solutions. We offer our customers high flexibility, so they can switch to other materials or technologies if required during the design stage. It also allows our customers to test different design approaches. Our prototype production lab is located in a controlled environment zone, conform to ISO 13485, and is supervised by experienced project managers.


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