Theraputic Catheters

Therapeutic catheters are medical devices that are designed to treat diseases in the body through a catheter that is inserted into the vascular system or other body cavity. They can be used to perform a procedure or deliver medication, fluids, or other therapeutic agents directly into the body. These catheters can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, and kidney failure.

Expandable catheter tips

Our innovative covering for expandable catheter tips is revolutionizing the capabilities of therapeutic catheters. With the ability to enable clot aspiration, temporary occlusion, embolism filtering, and specific drug delivery
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Medibrane's membrane technology is revolutionizing the way medical membranes are manufactured, by introducing an innovative solution for creating membranes with different profiles and very low wall thicknesses.
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Microlayer jacketing

Medibrane’s over jacketing solution is revolutionizing catheter design. By reducing the catheter profile and increasing flexibility, our solution maintains the sealing of the catheter shaft.
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Microlayer tubing

Medibrane offers medical polyurethane tubing with ultra-low wall thickness starting at 0.001" and internal diameter of 0.004". Choose from durometers ranging from 40 shore A to 70 shore D for your medical needs.
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