Porous vs. Non Porous Covers

Self-expandable stent covers

Medibrane manufactures a variety of covers for self-expandable metallic stents (cSEMS) and other types of vascular and non-vascular implantable components in medical devices intended for diagnostics, treatment and monitoring of various medical conditions.
The vast majority of cSEMS are used to prevent obstruction in tube-like parts of the bowel — namely the esophagus, duodenum, common bile duct and colon.

  • Vascular applications
    Medibrane manufactures biocompatible vascular stents used in vascular, peripheral or neurological surgical procedures.
  • Non-vascular applications
    Medibrane manufactures biocompatible non-vascular stents used in biliary, gastrointestinal or urological surgical procedures, including silicone-covered pyloric stents and duodenal stents.
    The stents are coated with silicone which enables them to hold the sides of the duodenum open, allowing food and other substances to pass through the stomach. By using bio-resorbable polymers, patients are spared the unnecessary discomfort and expense involved in invasive follow-up procedures for removing the stent.
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