Prototype development

Prototype developmentThe prototype development stage includes:

  • Creating concept prototypes evaluated by our research, design and development teams together with the customer, to establish initial feasibility.
  • Modifying the prototypes according to customer and clinical requirements, forming the basis for product engineering specifications.
  • Selecting the biomaterials is carried out in full transparency with the customer, sharing all the various considerations. Once the materials are selected, they are supplied by leading global material manufacturers partnering with Medibrane.
  • Prototype production is performed in a controlled environment at our R&D materials lab.
  • Prototype testing includes:
    • Testing mechanical performance including: tensile strength, stiffness, compression, bend, burst, shear loading, suture retention and coefficient of friction testing.
    • Testing dimensional properties using metrology and microscopy
    • Biocompatibility screening
    • In-vitro bench tests, simulating the implant’s in-body performance.
    • Mechanical degradation studies


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