What is Medibrane’s MicroLayer Technology

In today’s world of advanced medical technologies, precision is paramount, especially in the development of minimally invasive medical devices. The demand for microlayer tubes made from low durometer materials is on the rise, and they are quickly becoming a game-changer in the field. While extruded tubes have long been favored for applications requiring stiffness and high wall thickness, they present significant challenges when it comes to miniature sizes with ultra-thin wall thicknesses, such as those measuring 0.001″. This is where microlayer tubes step in.

At Medibrane, we are proud to present a diverse range of microlayer tubes designed to meet the demands of the most precise applications. Our microlayer tubes boast a minimum wall thickness of just 0.00059″ and diameters ranging from 0.00394″ to 0.984″. Crafted using proprietary polymer deposition methods, this innovative technique enables the deposition of a layer as thin as 0.0001″, allowing for tolerances as tight as +/- 0.0002″.

What sets microlayer tubes apart is the multitude of advantages they offer. These tubes provide superior control over wall thickness, a critical factor in maximizing inner lumen space while keeping the overall device profile to a minimum.  Furthermore, they feature variable durometers along the length of the tubing, enhancing their trackability in various applications.

One of the most intriguing aspects of microlayer tubes is their ability to address the manufacturing challenges of large bore polymer tubing with ultra-thin wall thicknesses, a task that has traditionally been difficult with extrusion methods. This makes microlayer technology an innovative solution for a large bore interventional device.

Medibrane’s microlayer technology is capable of accommodating different durometer Polyurethane resins, with options ranging from 55 shore D to 40 shore A. This adaptability ensures that the specific requirements of your project can be met effectively.

In addition to their precision, microlayer tubes also excel in reducing the tackiness of soft materials. This characteristic is crucial in applications where materials need to remain smooth and non-sticky.

These remarkable microlayer tubes find applications across a wide spectrum of catheter platforms, including neurovascular microcatheters and large diameter delivery systems for structural heart devices. The versatility and precision of microlayer tubes opens new possibilities in the medical field, enabling the development of safer and more effective medical devices for the benefit of patients worldwide.

In conclusion, as the demand for precision in minimally invasive devices continues to grow, microlayer tubes are poised to revolutionize industry. Their ability to offer exceptional control over wall thickness and adapt to a variety of durometers makes them an asset in the development of cutting-edge medical technologies. Medibrane is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting innovation, and we look forward to the endless possibilities that microlayer technology can offer in the field of medical devices.

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