Therputic catheters general

Therapeutic catheters are medical devices that are inserted into the body through a small incision in order to deliver medications, perform diagnostic tests, or perform minimally invasive surgeries. These catheters often have an expandable element on the distal end that can be covered or coated with a special material to provide additional benefits and make the catheter more effective at its intended purpose. One type of therapeutic catheter that uses a covered or coated expandable element is used during angioplasty procedures to prevent embolisms. Another type of therapeutic catheter with a covered or coated expandable element is used to remove blood clots from the arteries during a thrombectomy procedure. There are also several other therapeutic catheters that use covered or coated expandable elements, including those used to deliver medications to the brain, treat blockages in the legs, remove excess fluid from the abdomen, and remove blood clots and debris from the blood vessels. These therapeutic catheters offer numerous benefits and are an important tool in minimally invasive medicine.


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