Catheters tips

Whether you need it in an umbrella or funnel shape, Medibrane has the solution for you. Give us a shout! #expandable_catheter_tips #catheters #sheath #medicaldevices #medibrane #coatings #surgery

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Microlayer composite membrane

Using Microlayer composite membrane, we have established a seamless transition between TPU and ePTFE, significantly assisting buttt joint of membranes to catheters. >>>

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How low can you go?

Many device developers struggle to balance the need for a strong ePTFE cover with the requirement for a low crimping profile. Currently, ePTFE covering requires

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Non-extruded tubes

are becoming an increasingly popular choice for applications that require small diameter tubes with thin walls made from low durometer materials. While extruded tubes are

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