We help you select the right bio-materials for your device

At our biomaterial research and knowledge center we study the latest advancements in biomaterials and new manufacturing methods. Utilizing this vast, accrued knowhow, we have compiled a portfolio of biomaterial SOPs for numerous device geometries.

Whether you are an experienced company or a startup, Medibrane’s material experts will meet with you to recommend the right biomaterials for your application, sharing our extensive knowledge to optimize your production process, and guiding you in all your development decisions.

Your manufacturing partner

We view our customers as full partners, and consider their success as our own. Our professional approach of transparency, and of offering our recommendations based on our experience, builds trust and credibility with our customers.
Once we gain a thorough understanding of the intended use and its indications for use, we recommend the most suitable materials and manufacturing technique for your device. From proto-typing, through small- and large-batch manufacturing, we provide you with practical knowledge about biocompatible materials and product development, helping you develop and bring to market new medical devices quickly and cost-effectively.

We get it right the first time.

We are aware of strict regulations, tight deadlines, and budgetary constraints. That’s why we focus on sparing you costly mistakes, avoiding unnecessary iterations between clinical tests, and ensuring minimal time to market.
In the competitive landscape of medical devices there is no room for error. It is essential, therefore, that we pinpoint your precise product requirements accurately. We ask you specific questions to help us understand the medical constraints and risks that affect the manufacture of your device, helping you comply with the rigorous regulations and timelines.
We believe that quality is a key source to a company’s competitive advantage. We invest considerable resources in repeatable manufacturing with flawless precision, and in a QA department that implements strict standards, and which operates independently from the rest of the company.

We minimize your risk by complying with regulatory requirements

We know that developing and launching a new product presents infinite challenges. By staying up to date with the ongoing changes in clinical testing requirements and regulatory policies, we help you bypass pitfalls in the production process, ensuring successful safety audits and preparing you for regulatory compliance approval.
As we continuously follow the influx of biomedical startups sprouting up, evaluating why some succeed and others fail, we limit your exposure to risk, ensuring that you make the right decisions.