medibrane-post 5 Microlayer technology Advantages

5 Microlayer technology Advantages

🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 Prepare to unlock a new realm of possibilities in catheter design! 🚀 Our upcoming video will unveil the 5 game-changing advantages of microlayer technology for catheter tubes. 🩺💡 Stay tuned for an in-depth exploration of how microlayer technology revolutionizes precision and performance. 🎥✨ Don’t miss out – innovation is just around

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Catheters tips

Whether you need it in an umbrella or funnel shape, Medibrane has the solution for you. Give us a shout! #expandable_catheter_tips #catheters #sheath #medicaldevices #medibrane #coatings #surgery

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How low can you go?

Many device developers struggle to balance the need for a strong ePTFE cover with the requirement for a low crimping profile. Currently, ePTFE covering requires a 2-layer coating – AKA, “The Sandwich.” The double layer increases the overall wall thickness and the crimping profile. Medibrane’s unique suture-less lamination technology makes The Sandwich unnecessary: Only one

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Applying Polymeric Covers to Stents and Laser Cut Hypotubes with Elad Einav of Medibrane

We are thrilled to announce that our team member, Elad Einav, was a recent guest on the Med-Ex podcast. He shared some fascinating insights about Medibrane’s innovative technology platforms related to polymeric covers for self-expanding scaffolds used in therapeutic catheters and implants. In this episode, you’ll learn about the following: ✅ The labor-intensive process of

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Dip Coating and Molding

Our dip coating process is a fast and cost-effective method to apply a polymer coating to a device, implant, or mandrel. The process involves lowering the product into a liquid polymer solution and slowly removing it at a controlled speed. Dip coating is generally used in applications where a uniform coating thickness is being applied

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Proprietary Adhesion Process

The key to our industry-leading coating capabilities is our proprietary adhesion process. The first step is surface activation which prepares the metal surface for bonding with a polymeric material. This is followed by an encapsulation coating which encircles the metal surface to form a closed loop or a thin tie layer. This process generates a

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Therputic catheters general

Therapeutic catheters are medical devices that are inserted into the body through a small incision in order to deliver medications, perform diagnostic tests, or perform minimally invasive surgeries. These catheters often have an expandable element on the distal end that can be covered or coated with a special material to provide additional benefits and make

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