Medibrane Ltd was founded in 2015 by Elad Einav and Dr. Amir Kraitzer.
Medibrane is a contract manufacturer of polymeric covers for medical stent devices Medibrane offers a variety of covering materials and technologies such as; Silicone, Polyurethane, ePTFE and Dacron polymeric covers, implemented using dipping, spraying or lamination technologies
Medibrane’s engineers developed a unique adhesion platform that increases adhesion forces between the metal stent and the polymer cover
Cutting down the supply chain; Medibrane collaborates with its partners to oversee the project as a whole; cover and stent
Medibrane is committed to highly responsive design iterations
We’ve got you covered!
Our engineers will advise you from prototyping through design freeze and scale up to Manufacturing


Elad Einav

Co-Founder and CEO

Liliya Kopel

Engineering Manger

Noa Tal

Operation Manager

Omri shaleve

Mechanical designer

Ella Sharf

Application development lab manager

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