Medibrane is a leading developer and manufacturer
of medical device covering & coating

Medibrane collaborates with DSA experts to provide the best service for all our international customers.

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From Ideas to Medical Devices

At the basis of each medical innovation, there is an idea waiting to become a product. Medibrane’s experienced engineering team specializes in this challenging transformation; creating an actual product from your great idea. Our team of experts can take your clinical and functional demands, and form it into a rigid engineering specification, design inputs for your product.

Embolic protection devices

We help you select the right biomaterial

Many medical applications require covering; for sealing, managing blood flow, enabling tissue regrowth etc. However, only a handful of companies specialize in matching the right biomaterial for each unique application. Utilizing our vast knowledge and experience, we have compiled a portfolio of specified biomaterials for numerous medical applications.

Vascular occlusion devices

Your manufacturing partners

We view our customers as full partners and consider their success as our own. We are aware of strict regulations, tight deadlines, and budgetary constraints, that’s why we invest considerable resources in research; to advise you in creating a full product from your idea, and in design and development; to minimize time to market and ensure high-quality products.

Bio-absorbable implants

From Prototyping to large-scale manufacturing

Utilizing our innovative technologies and state of the art equipment, we accompany you through design freeze and small-batch manufacturing, to generate a highly-repeatable, high yield manufacturing process, that yields high uniformity and high-quality products.

Medibrane Covers

Adhesion Platform

Adhesion Platform

Impermeable Coating

Impermeable Covers

Porous Coating

Porous Covers

Medibrane Technologies

Dip Coating

Dip Coating

Spray Coating

Spray Coating

Electrospining Coating

Electrospining Coating

Porous Coating

Sutureless Fabric Lamination

Porous Coating

Sutureless ePTFE Lamination

New & Events

Can stents be covered without suturing?
The answer lays in our new technical talk, entering the fascinating world
of advanced medical technologies with one of our most unique solutions
developed by our team of experts.


Medibrane is proud to announce that Resonetics had expanded its vote of confidence in our on-growing company. We’re positive that it will assist us to scale up our services to our worldwide customers.


Medibrane is excited to offer covered and uncovered
nitinol frames on the new on line medical
component marketplace –

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