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Medibrane Ltd. is a designer, developer and manufacturer of encapsulation coatings and covers intended for diversified minimally-invasive surgical procedures in such fieldsas cardiovascular, Neurovascular and gastroenterology.

Self-expandable stent covers

Self-expandable stent covers

Medibrane manufactures a variety of covers for self-expandable metallic stents (cSEMS) and other types of vascular and non-vascular implantable components in medical devices intended for diagnostics, treatment and monitoring of various medical conditions.

Embolic protection devices

Embolic protection device covers

Medibrane manufactures customized embolic protection device (EPD) covers, including distal occlusion devices and filters, utilizing innovative materials with shape-memory properties, and  an umbrella-like design.

Vascular occlusion devices

Vascular occlusion device covers

Medibrane manufactures customized vascular occlusion device covers which are used for blocking blood vessels, for example, for treating aneurysms and hemorrhage, reducing blood flow to tumors, and other conditions.

Bio-absorbable implants

Medibrane has invested heavily in cutting-edge equipment and an advanced lab facility which specializes in the manufacture of bio-absorbable polymeric implants.

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We get it right the first time


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